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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Amazing ability of the older brain.

Can we live long and healthy life?

Much has been written lately about ways to attain long and healthy life.
Today I would like to turn our attention to the fact that we know very little about our brain.
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The Aging Brain

All my life I have observed how American society treats the elderly and how all people (young and old alike!) seem to think that older people are rundown, useless, thoughtless creatures of no further worth. Older people seem to act out this stereotype as if it is expected of them. Some retire not just from work, but from life itself.
The attitude I really bridle against is "I’m too old to learn new things. My brain just doesn’t work like it used to."
Eager to find a dissenting opinion to this myth, I discovered a book in the library called "The Mature Mind" by Gene D. Cohen, M.D., Ph.D. Subtitled "The Positive Power of the Aging Brain" it sounded like just the ticket.

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The Aging Brain
New findings on the adult brain establish two principles. First, the adult brain continues to grow and develop throughout our entire life. Second, brain development in adulthood is shaped mostly by outside stimuli. This new thinking means that we can do healthy "workouts" for our brains, as well as our bodies!

Tips to Improve Aging Brain Function:

-Use it or lose it!
-Keep your brain's "library of experience" in regular, vigorous use. Volunteer to work in the community or join the Peace Corps.
-Engage in new activities. Take up painting, become a tutor, go back to school! The possibilities are endless.
-Do crossword puzzles, play word games or cards to strengthen the synapses between brain cells in memory transmission areas.
-Physical exercise can increase mental abilities 20% to 30%, according to recent studies.
-Journal writing and working with your hands to build or create can help as well.
Spend time in the company of family and friends. The older brain thrives on social contact.


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