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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Amazing Grace - Wintley Phipps

Text Go Down,"Death" - Wintley Phipps:

Weap not, weap not, she is not dead.
she is resting in the boosom of Jesus.
Heartbroken husband, weep no more!!
Grief stricten son, weep no more!!
She's only just gone on.

Day before yesterday morning, God was looking down from his great high heaven, looking down on all his children, and his eye fell on sister Caroline. Tossing on her bed of pain. And God's big heart was touched with pity, with everlasting pity. And God sat back on his throne and he commanded that tall bright angel standing at his righthand "Call me death!"

And that tall bright angel cried in a voice like a clap of thunder "CALL DEATH! CALL DEATH!" and the echo sounded down the streets of heaven till it reached way back to that shadowy place where death waits with his pale white horses.

And death heard the summons and he leaped on his fastest horse pale as a sheet in the moonlight, up the golden street death galloped, and the hooves of his horses struck fire from the go but they didn't make no sound.

Up death rode to the great white throne and waited for God's command. And God said "Go down, death!! Go down, down in yamacraw and find sister Caroline!! She's born the burden in the heat in the day, she's labored long in my vineyard, and she's tired, she's weary, go down death and bring her to me!!"

And death didn't say a word but he loosened the reins on his pale white horse and he clapped the spures to his bloodless sides and out and down he rode through heaven's pearly gates past suns and moons and stars. On death rode leaving the lightening flash behind, straight down he came.

And while we were watching around her bed, she turned her eyes and looked away. She saw what we couldn't see, she saw old death, she saw old death coming like a falling star, but death didn't frighten sister Caroline!!

He looked to her like a welcome friend, and she whispered to us "I'm goin on" and she smiled and closed her eyes and death took her up like a baby and she lay in his icey arms but she didn't feel no chill!!

And death began to ride again up beyond the evening star into the glittering light of glory onto the great white throne and there he laid sister Caroline on the loving breast of Jesus.

And Jesus took his own hand and wiped away her tears and he smooth the furrows from her face and the angels sang a little song, and Jesus rocked her in his arms and kept-a-saying, "Take your rest! Take your rest! Weap not!! Weap not!! She is not dead, She is asleep!! She is resting in the boosom of Jesus!!"